Saturday, October 24, 2009

2-D November News and Events!

ALRIGHTY, kids. We have much to talk about.

1) Life Drawing!
There is a life drawing on November 17th with the ballerinas. If you are in AP or art 3/4 you have to be there, but if you are in Art 1 you should still come because it's a really awesome opportunity to draw the human form from life! Everyone who comes needs to bring 5 bucks. More info will be posted in the art room as the date gets closer.

2) Scholastic!
On the 18th of November we wanted to have a Scholastic Challenge Fest! People who are participating in the Scholastic Challenge will bring their ideas, projects, and materials and get input from your peers. It will be from 2:45-5:30. Stay as long as you like :)

3) LO Reads Discussion Group!
If you are participating in the LO Reads activity (You know who you are because you have the book we have to read), we are having a readers discussion on November 11th from 2:45-3:45! You need to have the book read. At this discussion group we will make some decisions on dates that we will work on the project together as a group.

4) Movie Night?
We want to have a movie night! If you have any suggestions on movies to watch, or you have a hella awesome house that we could host it at, please contact LINDSAY or KAREN (face to face, facebook message, reply to this blog, text, etc.) We want this to happen in November.

5) Book Binding!
This is starting on October 27th during 4th period on white days! This is a reminder to those of you who signed up.

6) LO Library
We have a sign up sheet for those of you who want to help set up at the LO Library. I believe that this will take place during a 4th period class (on a blue day maybe?). So if you want more info or signed up and you have a 4th period class refer back to the sign up sheet.

7)Paint the Darkroom!
The first day we work on this will be on November 3rd during 4th period (blue day). So if you don't have a class that period we need a few people to help out. There is a sign up sheet in the art room. :)

I think that's all I needed to talk about (I know it's a lot). So if some of the information is confusing on here feel free to leave a comment with your question and I'll try and message you back with the answer :)



  1. Why is it that a lot of these events take place during 4th period on school days? Is it to limit how many people come or to make sure only specific people can attend? :P

  2. i would like to know why most after school events are scheduled on Wednesdays its very inconvenient. unless of course thats what works for everyone as a whole. also i can't do the book binding anymore so someone can take my place.

  3. Events take place during 4th period mostly because Ms. McBride has a free period, and usually has things to do after school. There will be more service project activities coming up that take place on the weekend or after school (like Scholastic).

    And McBride set's up the life drawing on Wednesdays, so that's something you will need to talk to her about.

  4. why is the meeting on a day we don't have school?